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Vente de mobil-homes

Hélios PMR
Hélios PMR
€25 400.00

Nos partenaires

Call +0032 04 67 25 01 31

And reserva directly without intermediary!!

To take advantage of the South all year long!!

The Hérault under tne Sun!!

For essential Holidays!!

Camping Les Clairettes in Fontès in Languedoc, near to Pézenas, not far from the Mediterranean beaches of Marseillan, Agde or Vias.


In the middle of Hérault, in 20 minutes of the Mediterranean beaches, in 15 minutes from the Lake of Salagou and in 5 minutes from the valley of Hérault, the camping ' Les Clairettes ' offers you sites and tenancies of very comfortable mobilhomes for your vacation in family in the South of France. And why not to rent a plot in year there to put in it your own mobilhome that you will occupy in your liking, you and your close family ?

Camping les Clairettes - Vue d'ensemble

Camping les Clairettes - Entrée

Tenancy of plots for mobilhomes - Sale of mobilhomes any marks

On place, our swimming pool is opened as soon as climatic conditions allow it. You have a bar at your disposal, fields of pétanque and for day or Madam does not like to put on in the kitchen and to be profitable of her vacation and her family, we offer you dishes to take all season. Unless you want to prepare a grilling on barbecues or worked in gas (for obvious reasons of security embers is forbidden the camping).
For the children, there is a basin, one aerie of games and for the biggest billiards pool 8. We also organize pétanques in July and August, different tournament of football, volleyball, badminton, and to see volleyball-swimming pool even in nocturne, but always by preserving the calmness of the camping.



Camping les Clairettes - Vie d'ensemble


To prepare your stay at best, we inform you that for your comfort and by measure of hygiene, shorts, underpants of bath and undershirts of the daily are strictly forbidden in basins, at the risk of seeing you refusing the access to the swimming pool. Alone boxers and swimsuits are allowed.

 ENTREE.DSC01420 Campinglesclairettes8611b PARKING.DSC01419 

Finally, every morning, you will be able to come to search your breads, baguettes and other pastries (crescents, chocolatine,..) which you will have reserved the day before.


Download dices supporting the bar of presentation of the camping in format PDF by clicking on picture below.




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